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On The Issues

Illegal Immigration

I am for increasing support to our border security and preventing illegal immigration. The challenge of ending illegal immigration in Arizona should be one of the most important issues addressed by Federal and state officials. Daily, thousands of illegal immigrants cross the deserts of southern Arizona. The Costs of illegal immigration to Arizonians and United States taxpayers is compromising our national security and the American way of life.

I am completely against amnesty. It is unfair to immigrants who have legally pursued and followed our immigration process. I would like to see Congress implement integration programs for legal immigrants, which would include opportunities for new immigrants to learn about the values and culture, and the English language of the United States before proceeding to U.S. citizenship.

Veterans and Military

Not a Veteran, but as a person who served our country in Afghanistan and Iraq, I have first-hand knowledge of many issues our veterans and military community face. These brave men and women serve selflessly to protect our way of life and they deserve our utmost respect and support. As your representative in Congress, I will advocate for adequate funding for veterans affairs and consistently fight to ensure returning veterans find opportunities to work and serve our communities.

Rebuilding the Middle Class

Following through on President Trump’s vision to strengthen our economy and reducing government regulations is a priority. I believe that Congress should cut, not implement barriers to economic growth. Red tape obstructs our small businesses’ capabilities to develop, innovate, and grow a healthy workforce. As your representative in Congress, I will work hard to ensure our vibrant district businesses have access to opportunities and work to expand our local industries including defense, agriculture, ranching, livestock, mining, and tourism.

Balancing the Budget

The United States’ budget continues to grow each year. Currently, our country has over $20 trillion in debt and growing. If we continue to kick the can down the road, this pattern will ultimately have a dire effect on future generations and government effectiveness. It is incredibly important to get our spending under control to avoid such adverse impacts. Creating efficiencies in government operations will eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse and ultimately reduce unnecessary expenditures.

Second Amendment

I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment, and I will work vigorously to defend the rights of gun owners. As a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL), I firmly believe that the right of self-defense and bearing arms are the foundation for all other rights.

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is not principally about hunting or recreation. In fact, the Second Amendment to our Constitution is our Founding Fathers’ restatement of our natural God-given right to defend life, liberty, and property.

Social Security

Saving / reforming Social Security is a significant priority. For over 83 years the bi-partisan supported Social Security Act has provided Americans with much-needed financial assistance when they need it most. For many of America’s most vulnerable, it’s the only source of income they have in their golden years. Reform has to begin now rather than kicking the can down the road.